ray of sunshine

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last night i watched the sister duo of sunshine cleaning, with the most appropriate companion possible: my sister. i realize i’m a bit behind the proverbial 8 ball with this movie, but you should know i rarely see movies in the theater. call me cheap, but i prefer to be called smart. unless i deem a movie worthy of seeing on the big screen (batman, the hangover (i’ll pay $10 to see bradley cooper that large any day) and public enemies come to mind), i wait and add it to my netflix list. this rule was crucial when i lived in chicago and justified my starbucks habit by the fact that i didn’t spend $12 on a weekly movie ticket. i am a woman, i am allowed to have these thoughts.

moving on. sunshine cleaning; i’ll keep it short. it’s sweet without rotting your teeth. witty where it needs to be. alan arkin, amy adams and emily blunt proved, once again, why i love each of them so much. it didn’t drag on, triggering my narcolepsy. and it’s heartwarming while proving that no matter what happens in life, it does, indeed, go on (and no matter how big the mess, it can be cleaned up).

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  1. Julie Hochgesang Melberg says:

    Meghan, funny, we just watched this weekend last weekend too! It was great! I’m glad you liked it too! I’m looking forward to (hopefully) seeing you & the Jasper gang VERY soon!!! 🙂