weekend with favs

over the past two weekends, i’ve been surrounded by <almost all> my favorite people: last weekend in funcago and this weekend with family, and then some. weekends like that make me really grateful for the amazing people i have in my life. i’ll stop there in an effort to keep the sappiness at an acceptable level, and share some of my favorite pics from yesterday which was spent at holiday world. i was/am so happy i was able to have such an enjoyable day with my <whole> family.
roundhousenever againwho ya gonna call?
sistersthe look
ice cream of the future

oh and go colts. i always like beating the jags, kicking off a great season. and go hoosiers, too.

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  1. 25BAR says:

    amusement parks are always amusing!
    well documented!

  2. Oh that looked like so much fun!! It has been so long since I have been to an amusement park. Your pictrues are gorgeous too.