in love: chelsea+brent; southern indiana engagement photographer

you know those people you just love being around because not only are they fun and easy to talk to, but they are truly invested in your conversation, no matter how trivial the content? that’s chelsea and brent. from our first meeting last year, i knew i would love working with chelsea and brent because they were excited to work with me. it’s a give and take, you see? something else that stuck out? how invested brent was in the wedding, along with chelsea. i meet a LOT of couples and not very many of the guys really pine over the details like the girls do. and that’s ok. but when i do meet a future groom who i can tell cares, it says a lot to me. it also says a lot to me when clients agree to meet you at 6:45am for a sunrise shoot and don’t think twice to do so!
chelsea is SUCH a fun loving spirit. so much so, that pretty much any time a camera is on her face she breaks into contagious laughing fits. it’s a coping mechanism for the fact that she doesn’t love having her photo taken and if it is, it better not be a serious photo. i can work with that. and i did. how can one not love having a face that beautiful in front of your camera? i found brent’s more serious nature to be such a compliment to chelsea’s effervescent tone. it’s all about balance, friends.
enjoy these lovely photos and i can’t wait to photograph your wedding this november!!!

i love these next images HARD. especially the one on the right. it’s my favorite of the day.

chelsea and brent are avid runners, so we wanted to throw a little of that in, to end the shoot.

gear used: canon 5d mark ii, canon 35 1.4L, canon 50 1.2L, canon 85 1.2L

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