from me to you: family outfits (part i)

after booking a family for photos, most often the first question i get is, “what should we wear??” i almost always follow up with 2 comments: 1) wear something that is “you”. my style of photography is meant to capture small slices of you and your family’s life. the last thing i want is for a family to show up dressed in something they would never wear outside the shoot. it reads as stiff and uncomfortable. 2) COLOR. i always always always tell clients to wear color. white is SO hard to photograph and black totally washes faces out. and, let’s be honest, how many family photos do you see where everyone is clad in black or white? i like to think families book me because they want photos that are out of the “norm”, so i feel your clothes should reflect that choice!
above is a sample of a color palette i think would be divine for a family. the idea when picking outfits is to coordinate, not necessarily match. by picking a theme color(s) (grey/blue in this case) and then sprinkling in bits of a pop (pink), you come up with a cohesive story without looking like a page from a catalog.
i hope this little tidbit helps! i have a feeling that for as addictive as polyvore is and for how much my life revolves around color combinations, i’ll be dropping in with these little boards more often. but, while i’m at it, do any of you have any burning questions you’d like answered? (how do i get such vivid photos? what lens(es) do i use? where do i suggest getting photos printed?) feel free to drop me a comment below (it can be anonymous) and i’ll answer it just as soon as i can!
psst: you can click the board above for links to ALL the clothing items.

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