GAH! Man, are you in for some gorgeous photos. Not only are these two lovely, I adore their story. Shelby, a Lexington native attending WKU, studied abroad at Harlaxton in England, where Noah, who graduated from UE, was also studying. Can you imagine meeting your lifetime love in such a romantic setting? So sweet. We […]

Sometimes in life, love is all a matter of timing. While Landon and Danielle knew each other in their younger years, it wasn’t until the reentered each other’s lives that the realized it was there all along, living in their similarities. Danielle’s family couldn’t be happier that Landon brought her back to Jasper where their […]

From the moment Emily reached out to me, I’ve been counting down the days for their wedding. If you’ve been around for a while, you know that her sister, Maria, has become a huge help to me with shooting weddings so I knew her sister would be a dream to work with. And if you’ve […]

After our second rain out, I shared with Makalyn that every year there’s one couple that just has the WORST luck when it comes to weather. Meet this year’s lucky couple! Our patience paid off and we were rewarded with a beautiful evening. We had such a fun time and it made me even more […]

While Ali and Craig may have met in a modern way, their love story is classic: Guy swipes, girl isn’t sure, girl’s friends say “YES”, guy takes girl out, the rest is history. As the youngest sibling with all big brothers, I can’t imagine a better person to marry their sister than Craig. He’s kind, […]