last night i finally dragged my underworked, lazy-from-the-holidays bum back into the yoga studio. it was long overdue and amanda kicked my ass, leaving me unable to raise my shoulders today. thank you, chaturangas. anyway, that’s beside the point. i went to firehorse, armed with my new yogitoes towel santa my dad gave me. funny story, somehow the wires were crossed and i was blessed with not one, but THREE yogitoes towels for christmas. thanks to amazon screwing up, only one excess had to be returned.

back to the point: yogitoes towel=amazing, bordering on yoga-life changing. i got the one pictured above, from the chakra line and it’s beautiful. only i realized the pretty little gold chakra image was supposed to go at the top of my mat (all yogitoes towels are printed with a circle “dot” making the focus point) and i had it at the back. these thin, towel-like mats go over the top of your regular yoga mat and have patented non-skid bumps on the bottom so you don’t slide around. so personal confession: i suffer from sweaty hands and feet. i had a procedure which alleviated the sweating in my hands, but my feet still bother me. when do they bother me most? in yoga class, of course. so much so that i almost always wear socks. that is, until last night. these mats help IMMENSELY with that issue.  i am so elated over this discovery.

yogitoes are available through many avenues and if you practice yoga on a regular basis, especially hot yoga, you need one. they’re a little pricey but totally worth it. just make sure you machine-wash several times before using to avoid color bleeding.


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  1. yogitoes :) says:

    Thank you Precious Snowflakes for the blog on yogitoes SKIDLESS! So glad you are loving it! Here is an additional care hint… don’t use fabric softeners, and if you can, use a detergent that doesn’t have built in softeners as they clog most high-performance weaves (it can make the fabric more slick)! Wishing you continued growth on your mat!
    Om Shanti… yogitoes