weekend roundup

happy monday! it’s as happy as can be, given the fact that it’s been raining for the past 3 days. amiright?
though it began rather trying, this past week was a productive one. after lots of hemming and hawing and stressing, i’ve decided that, effective immediately with new bookings, i will no longer be shooting family sessions on the weekends*. i know this will not be convenient for some, but i firmly believe that clients who really want to work with me will find a way, as most already have. since i’ve become mainly focused on weddings, i have to find some sort of work-life balance and mustering up the energy for a family shoot the morning after a wedding just isn’t healthy. i do hope you’ll all understand.
*i say this, however, for the very few weekend dates i have left, that i’m NOT SHOOTING A WEDDING, will be reserved for repeat, loyal clients. again, i hope you understand.

on to happenings of this past week!
• i shot jenn and chris’ wedding on saturday and i’d be lying if i said it was all sunshine and rainbows. more like, it was rainclouds and…well…rainbows. what mother nature lacked in spirit, jenn made up for by means of beautiful purple bridesmaid dresses, colorful flowers and bright pocket squares for the guys. these two were amazing clients (seriously, i’m blessed) who were completely stress-free and went with the flow.
• i definitely saw the fruits of living in a small town on saturday when the maid of honor, magically gained us access to one of the medical facilities in town so that we could take portraits somewhere, as the rain wouldnotstop, with decent light. to say i was/am thankful is so duhtown.
• god bless second shooters. that’s all.
• a fresh haircut is like jumping into the carpool express lane to “damn i feel good”-ville.
• probably the most exciting news of the week is that we booked our tickets for san francisco for october, which will mean i can finally call myself a destination wedding photographer. holy moly i’m excited.
• when leaving for a wedding and it’s guaranteed to rain all day, you might want to grab your thinktank™ rain cover, MEGHAN HOCHGESANG PREMUDA.
here’s to a great, hopefully-but-probably-not dry, week!

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