weekend roundup


another (busy) week is checked off the calendar. i thought days went quickly pre-kid….they literally eviscerate, post-kid. hazel was a bit of a challenge last week, so it was a blur of tears and motrin (for me). people always talked about the dreaded “4 month sleep regression” and i always shrugged it off, thinking, how it could it be worse than the newborn phase??

answer? oh grasshopper. thankfully her night sleep is still good (slept through last night!), but naps are a struggle she usually ends up winning. thank sweet baby jesus for the invention of swings, that’s all i can say!

on to other, less boring, things of note!

• i had a short senior session, which we’ll continue later this summer, this week along with a sweet wedding celebration on saturday and a fun 2 year old shoot on sunday! phew! i was so thankful i had mariya (photoed below) to help me out on saturday!

• today while trying to ignore my crying (and should be sleeping) 4 month old, i baked potbelly cookies. where are my potbelly lovers out there?? i found a great copycat recipe! i make a whole batch, bake a few, and freeze the rest. i just scoop them out, put them on a sheet, pop them in the freezer for a few minutes and then combine them all into a freezer bar. then we bake them a few at a time when the fancy strikes us. when i was pregnant, it was basically a nightly occurrence. 🙂

• we leave saturday at the crack of dawn for isle of palms, sc! i’m SO excited to see family and spend a week (hopefully) relaxing. my constantly clenched jaw really needs it.

• i don’t mean to make this so hazel heavy, but in the last few days she’s started singing and it is the cutest of the cute.

have a great week!!!



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