weekend roundup


this weekend brought my return to wedding season! it felt really good to get back in the swing of things and i couldn’t have asked for a better couple to kick of the season.


a couple other highlights:

• speaking of shooting, i also had another engagement session up in bloomington last week. i never grow tired of shooting on that campus and the town…even if my subjects are two purdue grads!

•  yesterday was my first mother’s day as a mom and it was super special to me. i got in some snuggles with my little nugget which was all i really wanted, even though hazel also picked out a super cute necklace for me, too. she’s so thoughtful.

• speaking of hazel….we’ve had a rough couple of weeks. first i was sick, so that did some crazy things, then hazel got a cold last week and then i also caught said cold. it’s been a couple weeks of not feeding well and thus not sleeping well, seemingly constant fussiness and lots of tears shed between the both of us. we did finally get hazel on reflux meds, so i think that’s been helping her a lot, too. i do think we managed to turn a corner over the past few days, just in time for her 15 week birthday tomorrow. i’m so glad to have my smiley little sweet potato back.

• any tips for getting her to stop relying on the paci for comfort in the night?! we’re teetering between sleeping through the night without a peep and a wake up bc she wants her paci back. this momma needs some consistent sleep!

• my oldest brother graduates high school next week and i’m literally astounded by the fact that the time is finally here. i swear  just yesterday he was 6, running around the yard in his undies while playing hockey.

i hope you have a great week!



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  1. Janice Hurst says:

    Hi Megan, just wanted to tell you that you have truly found your calling!! Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! Ali & Erics wedding was a lot of fun.