weekend roundup

to say this past week/weekend was busy is a bit of a huge understatement. let’s just say i had more shoots these last 6 days than i usually do in an entire month. a bad thing? heck no! was i exhausted by last night? you betcha. in true stubborn form, mother nature did not cooperate–something i’m starting become accustomed to. and with that, some shots of my work and a few things i learned this past week:
• judging by the bruises on the top of my feet/knees, i should really wear some sort of knee pads when i photograph kids
• clearing off dead flowers/plants to make room for new growth and seeing little green sprouts coming up is strangely full-filling
• cooking 2 lbs of bacon for easter brunch means your house will smell like bacon indefinitely
• asking a 4 year old to make a funny face when it’s chilly outside may or may not result in a bleeding lip from pulling too hard (true story)
• just when you think a 3 month old can’t possibly have anything else left in her belly, she WILL spit up again
• overuse of “patty-cake” can be dangerous (also a true story)

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