weekend roundup

happy monday!! i hope everyone enjoyed the heck out of the first weekend of fall. good golly, i know i did. i know that life moves are warp speed and i can’t believe it’s almost october, but i am completely ok with fall being here. it truly is my favorite season (and i’m not one to change it for whatever season we’re entering). saturday i spent the day in bloomington, first capturing a new wedding couple and later to the iu game. more on both of those below.

things of note!
• as i just said, i had an engagement shoot with a new couple on saturday. not new in time, new to me. to be clear. i’ve said it before, but i LOVE engagement sessions. they truly are my favorite. on wedding day, you rarely get as much time as a photographer would like for portraits, so engagement sessions are SO fun in that respect. it’s also fun because i just manage to book the best clients in the world and i love getting to know them. and their dogs. above, is crimson and she is awesome.
iu football. oh man. you frustrate the hell out of me, but guess what? i’ll always be back for more. i just can’t quit you.
• if you follow me on any sort of social media, you’ll notice that i often tout the hashtag, #hoosierforlife. i truly believe that when you commit to a school like indiana university, you commit to that school for life. and that’s why the university is steeped in such traditional and familial lineage. example of that? saturday as josh and i were leaving the game, we brushed shoulders with victor oladipo and coach tom crean.
• speaking of being a hoosier for life, my oldest little brother, luke, was accepted into the fall 2014 class at iu!!!!!!!!! there are no words for how proud i am or for how excited i am for him.
• being fall and all, i procured this candle and currently have it burning. nest candles are one of my absolutely favorite candle companies and this candle is the bees knees. it’s not that fake nasty pumpkin scent that is easy to find this season, it’s a little sweet, a lot spicy and 100% amazing.
• i’ve been in the kitchen a bit this week, which has been fun again, and made applesauce from the freshest apples that my 83 year old grandmother picked and last night busted out the dutch oven (seriously, i don’t know how i ever lived without one. only good things come out of it) and made sweet potato black bean chili. yummmms.
• i’m selling my 50d backup camera body (yes, this means i finally bit the bullet and upgraded to the mark iii!!!!). it’s only 2.5 years old, hasn’t been used regularly in a year and has been serviced with canon. email me if you’re interested!
• baby is currently the size of a banana, which seems massive to me (i know, roll your eyes and tell me to “just wait”) which makes sense since things like bending over and stretching up to reach something do.not.feel.good. we also had our 20 week ultrasound this past week and everything looks great! she’s very squirmy and also very small. 23rd percentile!
• as a follow up to my post last week about being nearly full for fall weddings, i currently only have october 11th open (i have dates in july, august and november still free) as far as “fall dates” go, so call soon!!!
as always, here’s to a great week!

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