weekend roundup

i had a busy week of shooting that just finished this morning! i was so happy to work in an old friend, especially since her shoot earlier this year didn’t go so swell. 🙂 after my second weekend in a row with no weddings, i am totally ready to jump back into the game with a double header this saturday/sunday. though, i’m not going to lie, the leisurely saturday mornings we’ve been enjoying around here have been really nice!

on to things of note!
• summer is definitely here with the return of total humidity that i had sort of forgotten about! my senior shoot earlier this week was pretty toasty! not that you’d notice from looking at the two lovely ladies below!

• it was a week of birthdays with josh celebrating his on 7/11 and giving everyone free slushies and luke turning the big 1-8 on friday!

• with my aforementioned twin seniors i shot on saturday, that now takes my total of twins to appear in front of my lens to 9!

• i shot my first instagram video on saturday. am i the only person who can’t figure out how the heck to use it?!

• this past saturday started with a mani/pedi, continued with a root beer stand lunch and ended with a rainbow on my way home from a great shoot. does a day get better?! no.

• and finally, i managed to get 3 kids under the age of 4 to jump at the same time, and photograph it. in focus. boom. check it out below.

happy monday!

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