weekend roundup

happy (rainy) monday to you! mother nature already claimed one shoot this week, which was supposed to take place this morning! darn her. however i’m really hoping she cooperates for my senior shoot tomorrow morning and wedding on saturday!

speaking of weddings, i had another lovely one this past saturday. albeit extremely hot and humid, jill and daniel totally rocked it. last week was an extremely busy one, with shoots on wednesday through saturday. woof! not complaining, however. never when i have such amazing clients who prove to me time and again that i have the best job in the world.
on to things of note!
• monday might as well be called “cf card dump day” as i just spent my entire morning uploading shoots.
my sister turns 22 this week and we celebrated with brunch at FARM bloomington yesterday. i’m still dreaming about and planning to recreate their ginger/mint tossed fruit salad i had. yummmmeeeee.
• i spent friday afternoon by the pool with my brothers. it was so needed. and yes, i realize how lucky i am to be able to rearrange my schedule and do things like that. full disclosure: when i shoot a wedding, thus working 11+ hours on a saturday, i usually take part of friday and monday off. just so we’re aware that i’m not sitting around tossing bon-bons in my mouth while watching oprah.
• my bride and groom on saturday wrote letters to each other and exchanged them during a private moment before their ceremony. they still didn’t see each other, but it was such a sweet, tender moment and i’m so thankful they allowed me to be present for.
• do any other photographers have a silent panic attack when you finish uploading all your photos from a wedding to see the raw, uncut number of photos you’ll eventually sift through?? i just did and my heart skipped a beat. or 2. time to get cracking!

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  1. Jill says:

    I love it! Can’t wait to see more! 🙂