life: the segers

what a morning i had with addie, ellie and jack. these three was so cute and sweet. ellie will be the first to fess up to the fact that she really wasn’t having it that morning, but we found sneaky ways to crack a smile. and by sneaky ways, i clearly mean sugar. thanks again, phil & krista for having me over to capture your sweet family!

bear hugs from dad are the best!

i’m obsessed with sequence with addie. uhb-sessed.

and…as a bonus, i couldn’t NOT show this. i initially kept it in the edit for krista knowing that no one would order this, but how hard does it make you laugh?! maybe those are the kind of photos we SHOULD print! (for some context, that’s the family golden retriever, sable, who found it SO hilarious to be a photo blocker for me. 🙂

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