weekend roundup

happy monday!! i had such a productive week/weekend filled with photo work and lots of yard work. we had new landscaping put in to part of our front yard, which made the “un-madeover” areas look even worse. which means, we spent the better part of yesterday digging out an area of our yard, down to the rocks. why? why must people cover landscaping beds with rock?! it just makes your next owners, who actually love to garden, crazy!
on to happenings from this past week:
• rain only claimed one of my shoots this past weekend. and on a similar note, my heart goes out to all the poor residents of oklahoma. i can’t even imagine.
• speaking of rain…i was leaving a building on friday while it was doing just that and decided to speed it up a bit to minimize how wet i got. next thing i knew, i was falling across the concrete parking lot. my husband’s tired of hearing my complain about how bad my…well..whole body hurts.
• i’m going to be busy like a worker bee this week with a couple shoots and playing catch ahead because i’ll be heading up to chicago on friday!
cheers to a great week!

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