visual representation of our relationship

spaz vs calm

vie’s beach; st john, usvi; 2010
her: spastic and missing the mark.
him: has it under control.
also, not that i want you staring at my tummy, but do you see that red welt under my bustline? my sister’s boyfriend throws really hard. and after missing several balls (it skips along the water like a torpedo), josh so lovingly told me to “use my body to block it.” so i did. result: a waboba ball to the chest, knocking the wind out of me and said red welt which lasted the rest of the day. but, as josh said, “wif would be proud.”
also II, i have to tell you. if you’re going to the beach or even if you own a pool, the waboba ball is amazing and i HIGHLY recommend buying if you have kids. or young adults. or adults ranging in age from 27-30. just saying.

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