top 10(+) holiday songs

following my list of top holiday movies, i decided to compile a playlist of my favorite holiday music. it’s not a secret that i LOVE holiday music. so much so, that festive tunes were heard coming from my office inappropriately early this year. i’m not sure what it is, but the happy tunes put me in a great mood. the holidays are a busy/stressful time for everyone but when i take the time to sit back and let the music infiltrate my soul, i always feel better and am reminded what we are really celebrating: (to me) it’s family, friends and our love for each other.

for your listening pleasure, i created a playlist through grooveshark of all my favorites (way more than 10) along with different versions. i hope it adds a little seasonal joy to your day! i mean, lady gaga doing christmas?! yes, please.

shameless plug: ok i feel like i’m constantly gushing my love for these (iu) guys, and i’m ok with that, but i just listened to straight no chaser‘s new holiday album and i am beyond amazed. they keep getting better and this album blew my mind. it’s cheeky, musically brilliant and quintessential straight no chaser. this is my plea for you to buy their album (all of them), you won’t regret it, and tell your friends while you’re at it.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Just bought the Straight No Chaser holiday CD – the kids at school were talking it up yesterday, so I figured I need it in my collection. Thanks!