i'm yoda


lots of funny things happened last saturday, but two stick out, one being the above picture. since ben’s involved, of course there’s a story. after “mastering” the reindeer, we went free style with the pipe-cleaners and while making a pipe-cleaner lilly, i notice ben hobbling around on his knees:

me: ben, what are you doing?
ben: i’m yoda, duh (see the teeny tiny (metallic) cane in his right hand)
me: oh, silly me.

prior to this happening, the boys were mocking how i apparently say “shall we” “like all the time, sis.” as in, “let’s stop fighting, shall we?” i’m so sorry for like being polite, like. so i ask ben if he even knows what mocking means. he says that it means to like make fun of someone. i said that was right and that i would never mock him. to which he says, “haha yeah right sis, like the time you made fun of my butt crack.” touché, ben. what can i say, he had a long butt crack when he was a baby.

-yes, “like” is ben’s favorite word.

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