The Sermersheims

I can’t possibly think of a better way to have ended my 2022 wedding season than with a New Year’s Eve wedding with Madeline and Cole. Their love story is one for the ages and proves that what’s meant to be, will eventually be if you let it. Their day was everything a NYE wedding should be: a brand new church, a bridal party of just your siblings (all nine of them LOL), catching a ride from your family horse, Cecil, in a carriage to your reception, a very NYE dress and shoe change, one of the best bands in the land (not kidding. please all my brides hire Juice Box Heros!), and the abundance of so much love from their countless friends and family.

I have to add a small antidote about something that happened their day that, I felt, was one of the most special things that’s happened at one of my weddings. You’ll see the photos below, but we had finished formal portraits and thanks to the early sunset, magically had a chunk of extra time before guests arrived to cocktail hour. I suddenly looked up and realized that both of Mady and Cole’s parents and siblings were just taking a minute to chat (mostly laugh) and spend time together just them. I told Madi’s mom later about how special that was. No one gets time like that on their wedding day to just take a beat and spend it with their closest family. This wasn’t planned but it’s making me believe it should become habit.

Mady and Cole, thank you for allowing me into your Sermersheim/Kaiser crew for a day. I’ll cherish your day for years to come and I can’t wait to continue to watch your story unfold.

  • Bridal Prep: River Centre Community Room
  • Ceremony: St Joseph Catholic Church
  • Reception: Thyen-Clark Cultural Center
  • Flowers/Decor: Keith Bauer
  • Band: Juice Box Heros
  • Invitations: Occasions, Jasper
  • Cake: Claudia Juarez
  • Hair: Beauty Bar
  • Makeup: Taylor Starrs
  • Bridal Gowns: Church/ Wendy’s Bridal, Cincinnati; Reception Gown/ BoChic Bridal Boutique
  • Second Shooter: Sarah Buechler

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