piper is back and this year she has a new brother joining the mix! sweet porter was born 3 weeks before hazel, which obviously makes him a front runner for her first boyfriend. kidding. sort of. i love this sweet family and was so thrilled to get them in front of my camera again!  

i was SO excited to spend the morning last week with miss piper louise! (really, how amazing is that name??) you might remember her 6 month shoot last fall that didn’t go so well. wouldn’t you know it, the next day she woke up super sick! that seems to happen a lot around photo time! […]

i’ve known laura for a very, very long time and though she doesn’t live in jasper (yet!), i’ve so enjoyed reconnecting with her over the past few years. when she contacted me (back when piper was born!) to take her 6 month photos while they were in town for thanksgiving, i might have squealed. fast […]