I’m not really sure where to start with this post. Because of working for the KlubHaus years ago, I knew Audra. And I always remember her telling me she couldn’t wait to have me take her photos one day. If you know Audra, you know that she goes after what she wants. 🙂 So fast […]

where do i start with these two? maybe to encourage you to get comfortable, because i went a little overboard with this blog post. #sorrynotsorry tyler was so nervous the morning of their wedding that he drove to the salon just so he could briefly see beth. cutest? as with many couples, the second tyler […]

sharing a few of my favorites from staci + jerry’s wedding this afternoon! it was a family affair, in every sense of the word. i shot staci’s brother’s wedding 3 years ago so it was really nice catching up with their changing (and growing) family! thank you, staci and jerry for being so kind and […]

these two are SO cute!!! i briefly met madelaine while shooting her sister’s wedding reception this past spring and was pretty proud of myself for only calling her amelia once! while lance was less than excited about taking photos, i think he’d tell you that he had more fun than he expected. 🙂 i can’t […]