i don’t have a ton to say about these two, other than i’m glad they took time from their duties as (little) mrs.& mr. strassenfest to look my way, thus making a very cute picture. i love the look on his face: chin up, miss america wave….oh yeah….who’s the man? duh, i am. —

i grew up, like most kids from jasper, going to the strassenfest parade every year, sweating my bum off and passing go to collect obscene amounts of candy. until this year, i hadn’t attended the parade since middle school and i had a sort of, “so that’s what that means” moments. for years, one of […]

the clydesdales (and bud, too) made an appearance once again at the strassenfest this year. my family attended the parade yesterday to cheer anna on for the last time, so i was able to see them, up close and personal. even if you don’t appreciate horses, it’s impossible to not admire their amazing balance of […]