this is josh’s ├╝ber adorable niece, hadley. i had the pleasure of meeting her (along with josh’s brother and sister-in-law) last weekend to celebrate christmas and hadley’s first birthday. her favorite gift was obviously the hand-knitted hat my mom made for her, along with a handmade headband. you know what mom says, “that baby needs […]

dear ben, you turn nine today. how in the world did a year go by that fast? i look at you and it seems not much has changed; your hair is still white, you’re still on your way to becoming a rock star and your fingernails are still dirty. but when i really look at […]

this doesn’t happen very often, people. i think i’ve finally discovered the secret to getting ben in a non-cheese state: tell him you’re not really taking the picture ‘yet.’ i told him i was just looking, not shooting yet. sucka! ps, his eyes totally look tie-dyed. pretty appropriate for him. pps, can we also note […]