are you sick of seeing beautiful engagement sessions yet? me neither. but this is actually my last one for a while! the weather that morning was so crazy! the fog was thick and low and believe it nor not, it looked better in photos. heather and beau met at hanover, a tiny college not too […]

megan and cj met in high school and continued their relationship in west lafayette at purdue. it’s ok though, we’ll forgive that school choice because cj now a mechanical engineer for mercedes. yeah. these two have been through a lot together, preparing them for married life with a solid foundation. this past summer, cj was […]

i LOVE this sweet family and get excited every time i get to photograph them. you can see past sessions here and hereĀ and now they’re back with a brand new baby BROTHER! emma and hadley are totally a dynamic duo and i could photograph their crazy antics all day, especially when the light was as […]