i ALWAYS love photographing this family, especially since it’s now grown to 6! henry, “hank”, joined the family a little over a month ago and everyone’s smitten. how could you not be? look at that! all 6 looking AND smiling! motherhood looks so good on you, lauren. we jumped outside for a few, where the […]

monday night beau was all, “i NEED to make a valentine for lilly. please help. these 2 paws are useless.” how do i say “no” to such a romantic gesture? as it reads: roses are red, violets are blue. you don’t always smell good, but i still love you.

thoughts include, but are not limited to: where’s that squirrel? i’ll get that squirrel, and his little acorn, too. i’d like a treat, woman. please turn on the warm, fiery box, my nose is cold. when is this white stuff going away? speaking of white stuff, i don’t remember us getting so much in the […]

it occurred to me this weekend that lilly has yet to make her seemeghanblog debut! i can’t believe i have yet to talk about or post any pics of her . what kind of sister am i? lilly is our newly 10 yr old silky terrier. her favorite things are: naps, treats, carrots, naps, trips […]