st john, usvi; 2010 that look was directed toward me. thanks. btw, if you’re wondering, i have the patent on the ‘meghan hochgesang eye roll.’ ¬†josh, you owe me $762. but right now, today. that is how i feel about blogging. i love you, but right now i can’t handle you. new job. looming photoshoots […]

middle of the caribbean ocean; st john, usvi; 2010 anna decided that since she never had the chance (or the balls-sorry frannie), she would go parasailing while we were on st john. i blame my ready to peel shoulders on the fact that we went in the peak of sun time, but it was gorgeous. […]

me: sometimes i start singing in my office and i do not sound good. and i get embarrassed for my office-mates who have to listen. josh: outloud? me: yesss josh: you should do vocal exercises on your way in to help sound better me: howwwww nowwwwww browwwnnnnn cowwwww — grandma, aren’t you proud he knows […]