i’ve been photographing hadlyn since she was just a little tot but we’ve had a bit of a hiatus thanks to hazel and hagan’s birthdays being very close, meaning i was on maternity leave and had to send them to another photographer for a year. i’m so glad to have this sweet family back in […]

i simply can NOT believe that hadlyn’s “baby’s first year” is coming to an end. how is it even possible that a year has FLOWN by?! remember her newborn and 6 month shoots? as usual, hadlyn was a total joy to capture. she is such a happy little girl and i will miss seeing her […]

hadlyn is back for her 6 month photos! can you believe 6 months have already flown by?? i couldn’t either, when jami emailed me to schedule. i love this family so, and i loved getting slightly out of town to take these and thus spend some time with them! scherle’s tree farm is special to […]

oh, sweet hadlyn. i was so excited when i heard she made her (early) arrival into the world. i grew up with her mom, jami, going to the same babysitter (hi, chris!!) and was/am so elated and honored that i get to share in this special time for jami and her husband…everything coming full circle. […]