for the insanely gloomy day we’re having, my foam turned out surprisingly bright. maybe bc with the dress i’m wearing, i’m bringing the color with me today. i guess it really is true what they say about a cloudy day not being a match for a sunny disposition (or a dress).

good news: i uploaded and edited all of my pictures from mexico. bad news: that left me with zero time to post any of them. i think tomorrow i’ll post some wedding highlights. until then, here is my foam for today.

though ida tried to keep us in mexico, i outsmarted her and thus returned late last night. i took a decent amount of pictures and i think i’m going to post them by event. however, in true meghan/monday form, i left my card reader at home. pictures to come tomorrow. for now, here’s my mexican […]

i was a bad FOAM-er this weekend, but i warned you. i picked a precarious week to begin such a project. this is my submission for today: this will likely be my last post (unless i throw in a surprise later in the week), as i will be sunning myself in lovely mexico. i know […]

earlier this week, betsy premiered her project FOAM and i was instantly inspired. you can read more about it on her blog, but basically she’s making the effort every day to take 4 photos that fall into the FOAM categories (food, outside, abstract and myself). i think it’s an awesome idea as sometimes i need that […]