monday night beau was all, “i NEED to make a valentine for lilly. please help. these 2 paws are useless.” how do i say “no” to such a romantic gesture? as it reads: roses are red, violets are blue. you don’t always smell good, but i still love you.

though today we got a break and temperatures hit 70°, winter is coming. we know it and so does beau and he’s not happy. winter is even longer when you have to hike a leg outside 5+ times a day.

lately beau has been all “hey lady, why haven’t you put me on your blog in the last, like, year?” my answer has been “hey, dude, i’ve like been working 60+ hours a week trying to catch up on photos of people who, like,  pay to be on my blog.” over the past week i […]

beau is from texas. he’s tired of this cold weather crap. though it does allow him an excuse for all the cuddle time he wishes. cuddle time being his favorite activity in the world. aside from barking at the neighbor dog.

we’re still working on the “FOLD” command.