While I was editing these, I literally caught myself whispering “Dear Lord these two are so flipping cute.” Abby and Kraig just ooze joy and HAPPY. I’m so happy we were able to meet up in Indianapolis for these and spending time with them makes me even MORE excited for their wedding this summer. Abby […]

These two are the CUTEST! Mother Nature wasn’t exactly the most kind but Kendra and Chris are total troopers through misting rain. Of course it helps that we had the most perfect location, thanks to Kendra’s mom’s back yard. Kendra and Chris are so dang kind, adorable and extra giggly–the BEST! I’m already counting down […]

Natalie and Hunter are the cutest. We had such a great night getting to know each other and chatting all about their wedding next fall in Pigeon Forge. I always get super client-crushy when the groom takes a deep interest in wedding planning and Hunter is totally that! I just think it shows such a […]

I could literally bottle these two up! We had a sweaty but SO dang sweet session and these two were troopers through the awful heat. Noah is such a teddybear of a force and taylor is so petite, sweet and BUBBLY. They are an actual joy to be around and I’m already counting down the […]

I love these two so much! They were the second part of my double header IU engagement session day. Though, Sarah went to Purdue so any hint at IU was totally OUT. Ha! Challenge accepted and we had the best evening. Side note: I’m still trying to figure out how Sarah’s eye color actually exists […]