meet nicole! otherwise known as, my last senior session of the year! this year has brought me 13 wonderful seniors that i feel so lucky to have met. i don’t really advertise my senior business and when i have years like this, that unfold organically, it makes me so happy. nicole is so sweet, independent, […]

oh, sweet mira!! i should probably state for the record that, yes, i am related to mira and no, that doesn’t influence anything i’m about to spout off about her. mira is such a silent force. i mean that in the best way. she’s marches along all quiet, absorbing everything and then out of nowhere […]

i have a two-for-one senior post for you! annie and sarah are both graduating from southridge high school this year and they are both sweet as pie. i have their post kind of jumbled together, so first meet annie. she’s unsure of where she’ll be headed next year but is thinking of studying nursing to […]

oh man did we have a blast shooting lauren’s senior photos. it wasn’t long ago that i did her sister, emily’s, and i was thrilled to follow up with lauren’s. lauren showed up with a completely wonderful set of outfits (that should come as no surprise, given the fact that lauren hopes to major in […]

i had such a great time photographing kate a couple weeks ago! a lover of the arts, she’s in the marching band and is an avid reader. i loved that she brought along her favorite books to incorporate into her shoot! thanks for such a great evening, kate!