life: avery


oh man, i’m not sure how to even express how much i loved doing this shoot. this is avery. she is very very very special. she is a fighter. you see, avery was so excited to enter this world, she was born at 26 weeks. if you’re not in the ‘gestational cycle of a baby’ know, mothers typically give birth at 40 weeks. miss avery was born in iowa. why iowa? oh, her mom and dad were there, from indianapolis, visiting family. see? she was SUPER excited to make her appearance.
there are so many things i could tell you about this little girl’s story. like how, had she been taken to riley children’s hospital in indy, her parent’s insurance wouldn’t have been accepted. and how the iowa children’s hospital was in their network. (i still get goosebumps every time i hear that) or how, upon word that abby and avery were unable to fly home because their insurance denied to cover them, abby’s boss of a well-known jewelry company flew them to indianapolis on his private plane. or how i think avery’s mom, abby, is the strongest mother i have ever had the pleasure to personally know. i admire the fight and strength in both of them and think about them every single day. oh and in case you’re wondering, avery is doing awesome. bc SHE is awesome.
after being in the nicu until her due date, avery was finally able to go home but i noticed still hadn’t had any photos taken. i couldn’t let that happen, so i decided to do the only thing i could to make their lives a little easier. volunteer my time. for a very very very special girl.




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