let's talk: albums

when i first started shooting weddings (3 years ago!), i didn’t really put the value on wedding albums that i do now. in fact, i didn’t really even offer them, mainly because the ones i wanted to offer weren’t economically proportional to my packages at that point. last year i finally decided that i needed to make them part of my wedding collections, but it wasn’t until i got married myself that i realized how important they really are.
i’m speaking personally, but what happened once i received the digital negatives from my photographer? i uploaded them to my hard drive (back up, people!) and they’ve sat there since. about a month ago, however, i started laying out my own wedding album and was really surprised at a couple things: how quickly i had already started forgetting small details of the day; and how emotional it was to look through all the photos again. without an album, your photos do just that: sit and wait.

i’m a firm believer in doing things once and doing them right. my friends, these albums are right. cheap, they are not, but good art pieces never are. when i decided to offer albums i knew i wanted the best albums i could find and these are it. from their 100% leather covers to the fact that they’re assembled by hand. the standard album that comes with my package is the 8×8″ square, shown in the middle. the top is the 6×6″ parent album and the bottom is a larger 10×10″ square. these albums comes in virtually any size imaginable and i’m fond of the squares for geeky designer reasons i won’t get into here. the designed layouts are printed directly onto the pages, allowing for a beautiful full bleed.
still not convinced? no worry, let’s meet and i’ll show one off. it won’t take long to convince you that they’re worth every penny. 🙂

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