i tore a muscle

stop laughing.

in true meghan, the most clumsy person in the universe, fashion, i think i pulled/tore my pectoral muscle.  yes, you read that correctly. a very reliable source confirmed that this is, indeed, possible. it hurts to laugh, but i found this when i was googling “symptoms of a pulled pectoral muscle.” weird how they got a picture of me on google.

i'm so buff it hurts...literally.

i'm so buff it hurts...literally.

you may be asking yourself how this happened.  funny story.  last night dean and i are watching the best show ever, and during a commercial break i got up super quick-like to run to the kitchen. as i’m doing so, i hear/feel a pop.  “weird,” i think to myself.  i return to the couch to resume the best show ever and within 5 minutes i’m in pain.  this continues through the night and now it’s spread to my back.  awesome.  i rock.  forever.

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