i really love my new…

yes, i did actual yard work

yes, i did actual yard work

last night dean and i helped frannie put up her blueberry net.  it rained all day yesterday, so i figured it would be the perfect time to try out my new hunter boots.  i’ve been wanting a pair of these forEVER. they’d be amazing for city life, especially with the fleece liners for winter.  glad i got them AFTER i moved away from the city, but that’s neither here nor there.  the birthday fairy finally brought them to me and i LOVE LOVE them.  i couldn’t help but think that babbo would love the puddlejumper boots, too.  i think i’m a very utilitarian person and these are the perfect addition to my closet.  cute, comfortable and practical.  good job, momma (even though i picked them out).

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