dear hazel: 10 months



dear hazel,

10 months, baby! i have to say, this was by far our most favorite month with you. you now have 2 bottom teeth, you clap, wave, dance, make faces, laugh at yourself….in a few words, you are a glowing ray of light. the month wasn’t all sunshine, however. you ended up coming down with the flu around thanksgiving which left you pretty darn miserable.

i’ve been trying to concentrate less on what you’re not doing (crawling, eating actual bites of food, pulling up) and more on what you are. things like “reading.” you are obsessed with books and flip through them front to back, back to front and then flip and repeat. you LOVE books. you also notice everything and any object we hand you, no matter what it is, you turn, spin, flip it around to view it at ALL angles. it’s so interesting to watch.

something else that you’re obsessed with that’s kind of funny? water. you will drink water from a straw all day if i let you.

you’re starting to really notice absolutely everything. like in the morning while you’re playing and i’m catching up on email, you’ll turn your head to the side and bend your body around my computer screen for me to see you and get my attention. that’s a theme, actually, you grabbing our attention. you’ve had our attention since january 28, hazel, but sometimes our focus slips to less important things. thank you for bringing us back.

this month also marked your first thanksgiving which brought your entire schroeder family to town! you had so much fun playing with your cousin ainsley. it’s just too bad you got sick because i think you would have been a bigger fan of her snuggles and hugs.

your dad and i just got back from a little getaway to mexico which left you bunking up at grandma and grandpa bear’s. i know they had a blast with you but i also think they enjoyed packing you up and having a quiet house that night. as much as your dad and i love spending time as a family of 3, we really need time as a family of 2 sometimes. i think it was a win for everyone as grandma had you quite busy.

as of the middle of november i finished my wedding season and aside from one last family shoot this weekend, i’m done. i tried so hard and was able to finish everything on my mile-long to do list before we left for mexico so that when we got back i could think about nothing but christmas and how excited i am for your first. we are going to have SO much fun, hazel. you’ll probably only notice the wrapping paper, bows and boxes, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have the holiday of our lives introducing you to the merriest time of the year.

i love you to absolute bits, tiny dancer,






and some random iphone photos from the month:

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first big girl bath!

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past “dear hazels”

top outfit details: headband: house of mia // chambray, gap kids // leggings, target // moccasins: freshly picked

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