birthday suit

i succumbed to receiving a black bikini for my birthday. see, i have this obsession habit of buying mismatched suits (all from jcrew). they all coordinate, well maybe sometimes they don’t, but it makes me happy, so who cares (that’s a rhetorical statement, mom). i bought this top (in grey) to match some bottoms i already own (that top, btw, is amazing. esp for girls whose, um, cups runneth over?). and i wanted to try this new style, so mom being all forward-thinking offered to buy it for me for an early birthday present. the only stipulation? matching bottoms will also be ordered. mom doesn’t exactly share the same zeal for mismatched suits as i do. but, i obliged. a black suit can’t be all bad, right? however, this leads me to the following thoughts:
– does this make me boring?
– am i getting old?
i’ll settle for “classic.”

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