whip it

saturday we spent part of the day in owensboro, kentucky, for anna’s contest. upon seeing the “wonder whip” on the way into town, 5 excited adults proclaimed that we must stop on the way home. (isn’t their sign fantastic?) after sitting in direct sun for 3 hours, i wasn’t one to complain. though dean had the best pick with a homemade, real banana shake, i enjoyed my cherry version…and promptly felt like crap 35 minutes later. oh lactose, how i love thee. was the wonder whip worth my pain? oh yeah. bc they whip it. they whip it real good.

bonus points for anyone who knows what a “chuckwagon” is.

wonder whip



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  1. Son says:

    Is Chuckwagon ice cream for recovering alcoholics?

  2. Larkin says:

    Would that be sourdough biscuits, beans of some kind, potatoes, and beef (prob. “meatloaf”)? Basically, an “Atkins-friendly” meal?