weekend roundup

this weekend marked my first full week of full time self-employment! oh, did you miss that announcement? that’s because i didn’t make it here. i was hoping to sort of skirt the issue in this space, as i’ve never really made overly public to my clients the fact that, for the past 3 years, i’ve been working 2 full time jobs. however, things are going to start looking different around here, and more time to spend on them is the only explanation for the changes.
one said change, starting today, is my weekly “weekend roundup” post that will be hitting every monday morning. i’m going to use it to wrap up my weekend shoots and highlight any “happenings” of note. so, without further ado:
• i’m so proud of my indiana hoosiers for pulling out a big win yesterday, solidifying their B1G title!
• two shoots, back to back, left me strangely hungry AND exhausted
• though i like dressing up, lululemon has quickly become my wardrobe of choice
• a reflector doubles as an awesome “peek-a-boo” shield

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