weekend roundup

pardon the late post today! i spent my morning photographing two cutie-pies. technically their shoot happened this week, but since i hadn’t put this post up yet, i decided to throw a sneak peek up of theirs, too. it’s my blog, i make the rules.
i shot a lovely this wedding this weekend. in fact, i’ll be shooting a wedding pretty much every weekend until memorial day, so this was merely a jumping off point! no looking back now! i’ve been so blessed to have a lineup of really amazing brides and grooms and i can’t wait to share them with you! if you haven’t already done so, you should like my facebook page because i try to put a photo (via the back of my camera) up the day of the wedding!
on to things i’ve learned this week:
• i am so fortunate to have shot so many lovely families this spring. as a photographer, when i decided to focus more of my time on weddings, i feared that inquiries for family shoots would fizzle out. well, they haven’t…at all…and i’m thrilled.
• not really something i learned (or is it?), but it’s earth day, and i decided that to celebrate i should purchase some beautiful plants/flowers for our yard. coincidentally (or not), josh is out of town. hi, josh!
• the reason, i’m finding, that so many of the vegetables i’ve tried to grow from seed in the past haven’t come up is because i planted them about 75% too deep. whoopsie.
• i started laying out my own personal wedding album last week and was struck by two things: how quickly those precious memories fade and how important a wedding album really becomes. they’re expensive, yes, but those memories? they’re priceless.
• arnold palmers are amazing. period. which reminds, me, i forgot to buy the good lemonade at the grocery. CURSES.
• my groom this weekend couldn’t help but to sneak kisses from his bride before the traditional moment. when the priest turned his back, the groom went in and it was a-dor-able.
• on a more serious note, friday’s pursuit of the maraton bomber had me GLUED to cnn. i can’t remember a time i was so transfixed on something. which really got me thinking about how much this world has changed when it comes to matters of national security. you have to wonder if oj would have “ran” for as long as he did, had everyone in the world been tweeting about it.
• speaking of national security, did anyone else see the segment on 60 minutes last night about the new 9/11 museum. the same designer who worked on the holocaust museum in dc is designing it.  if you’ve made a trip to it, you know this new museum will be powerful and breathtaking. i can’t wait to see the museum, 70 feet underground…literally in the belly of the worst attack on us soil…when it opens.
so that’s all i’ve got. happy monday and happy earth day, all. i hope you can get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather (that we’re having in indiana, anyway)!

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