weekend roundup

this past week was full of lots of highs, mainly in the form of the amount of money we owe to the IRS. i think we should all take a moment of silence those we know (ahem, like ME) who pay self-employment taxes. ouch city. i’m not an accountant, but i do have a piece of advice. if you’re earning money on your own (even if you have a full time job) for a side job, do yourself a favor and meet with an accountant to determine if you should set yourself up as a business (an LLC or S-CORP, i’m the latter) to avoid self-employment taxes. they are crippling.
but that’s not all. i had a pretty light week of shooting, so it allowed me to bust through all the shoots i had last week, as well as get some much needed landscaping work done at my house. i got to shoot my first engagement of the season on saturday morning. i forgot how much i loved/missed shooting couples and getting to know them at such an exciting time in their lives. we had GLORIOUS weather (finally!!) for our shoot, for which i’m still thankful. i’ve got a super busy week coming up, with LOTS of shoots and naturally, lots of chances for rain. break out your rain dances, everyone!

here are some other highlights from the past week:
• while driving to said e-session, i saw my first fox with my own two eyes. cutest wild animal ever!
• josh installed a new-to-us kitchen faucet and i couldn’t be happier about it. i don’t know how i lived so long without a sprayer-thingy (technical term). thanks to the parentals for upgrading theirs and passing it down to us!
• we watched both louisville and michigan win from an “outdoor amphitheater” on saturday and it was all kinds of fun.
• new makeup is seriously one of the greatest joys in my life.
• josh and i have 4 episodes left of homeland season 2. and i want to watch them all today while josh is at work and then rewatch them with him and pretend i never watched them. i’ve never been an addict, but that show has got to be close to an addiction.
• speaking of tv, mad men premiered last night, which we dvr’d because we’re 90 year olds who can’t stay up past 10, and i’m giddy about watching it tonight.
happy monday, everyone!

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