weekend roundup

last week was a total whirlwind of shoots! i’m not sure i’ve ever had such a busy week! 3 family sessions flanked by 2 engagements! it was totally one of those weeks that caught up to me and left me scratching my head in wonderment at how in the WORLD i scheduled so many sessions!

things of note:

• jasper opened a new park in the past few weeks and i’m so thankful for somewhere new to shoot. bonus points for it’s untamed beauty and lovely westward facing location making AMAZING sunset pics.

• county fair season is upon us and i’m so excited to say that i’ll be shooting part of an engagement session at dubois county’s this week!

• josh and i escaped to louisville yesterday for an urban break and late birthday lunch for josh. trader joe’s, a hot brown at “the brown”, target, oh my. oh and did i mention we left hazel at home?? bliss. though we did marvel several times on the drive at how good hazel was doing. oh yeah, because she WASN’T WITH US!

• i left beau at home running free (we usually confine him to our back hallway) for 7 minutes today while hazel and i ran down to smalley coffee for some caffeine and i returned to poop on the ground on my side of the bed and pee on hazel’s play mat. point taken.

• hazel is officially a food eater! after day 1 of shuddering and shaking when being fed carrots, she now loves them! i mean, look at her rolls, she’s clearly not turning down food.

• i am taking on a VERY limited amount of family sessions this fall due to a very busy wedding season. if you’d like to snatch one of the spots, let’s chat very soon!

happy monday, all!






do you just DIE for these two?!!?!





(and Lio too!)



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