weekend roundup

happy monday! i hope all of you had a wonderful holiday weekend, thanksgiving and hanukah alike. i had a fairly busy week, given it was a holiday, wrapping up my final family sessions of the year. any professional photographer will probably tell you that the end of november is met with equal parts excitement/relief and stress about a completely empty calendar. all of those thoughts are wiped away when you remind yourself that this is why you busted your behind this fall working more than you ever have, questioning why you do this to yourself.

among some family shoots, i managed to squeeze in a 1 year shoot for one of my oldest friends and her little one. it’s always so special to see friendships come full circle, seeing someone you’ve known your whole life in a whole new light.

onto things of note:

• baby update! i’m offically 30 weeks and had a great appointment this past week. i hadn’t mentioned anything because it’s usually not a big deal, but i was measuring 2-3(!!) weeks ahead but as of this last appointment, whatever growth spurt the little one was going through leveled out because i’m back on track. big relief there. still feeling pretty good. feeling the usual, tired, back in shambles, etc. so far i’ve managed to avoid a lot of the pregnancy woes i was afraid of, so that’s great.

• over the weekend josh and i finally put together her crib and a bookcase for her room! i’ve been having a lot of anxiety about the fact that literally NOTHING is prepared for her, but that made me feel a lot better.

• big cheers for the hoosiers bringing home the oaken bucket!

• our beau man turned 10 on friday! josh and i are both in denial that he’s a decade old.

• i’m running a cyber monday sale on prints! jump over to my facebook page (and like it if you don’t already!) for all the details.

here’s to a great week!

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