weekend roundup

last week was for editing, editing and more editing. whew. seriously. i’m proud to say that i am one wedding, 2 albums and a few deliveries away from being 100% caught up. until i shoot my 3 sessions this week, but you get the picture.

i did have one session this week, though. sweet everett arrived the week before last and he’s sweet as pie.

onto things of note:

29 weeks pregnant this week. i’m not going to lie, this past week was a doozie. my back feels basically broken and what makes it feel the worst is sitting in my office chair–not exactly conducive for getting lots of editing done. i’ve also been SO exhausted and braxton hick’s contractions have started. moving on from complains, however, we finally got the nursery painted last week which means we can start with the pretty stuff! so exciting.

• my pregnancy has been fairly atypical as far as the stereotypical cravings and behaviors have been concerned. however these past 2 weeks i’ve finally had some weird cravings. mainly in the form of beverages. this week? welch’s grape juice and orangina.

• just another friendly reminder that while i appreciate the inquiries, i am not taking any more bookings this year. i am, however, keeping a list for spring bookings. let me know if you’d like to be added!

• starting with next year’s bookings, my sessions will be different as far as what’s included. digital negatives will now be included with the session fee, along with a sweet custom image box filled with the images from your session. i’m really excited for what this means for my clients and myself. so fun.

• with thanksgiving this week, i’ve been reminding myself how truly thankful this year has left me. for both the obvious (the child growing in my belly) to the not so obvious (this year, the first with me going at it full time, has been the best for my business). i hope all of you have time to set aside this week to spend with family and friends giving thanks and making memories.

happy monday!

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