weekend roundup

happy monday! it sure has been a while, no?! last monday i was up in chicago visiting friends and attending neocon. i’ll be blogging some photos from that (hopefully) soon. i got back tuesday night and hit the ground running. i had shoots thursday, friday, wedding saturday and unfortunately was rained out of my family shoot last night.

i’m, thankfully, a bit lighter on shooting this week but heavy on scheduled maintenance appointments in the way of hair and my car. essentials, folks. on to things of note from the past couple weeks!
• after having 2 wedding free saturdays, it felt good to get back in the saddle on saturday. and i’ll be staying there for the next few weeks as june is national wedding month!
• if driving up to chicago, make sure your plates aren’t expired. not because you could get pulled over, but because parking attendants in that city might as well work for the gestapo. i’m still trying to figure out why in the WORLD they would care about an indiana car’s (who isn’t even registered as living in chicag0) plates. oh, money, that’s why. things i do not miss about living in the city.
• at the top of things i DO miss about chicago are my friends. i was reminded last week how truly lucky i am in that department.
• while i’m tied to kimball office and they do great work, my heart will always belong to herman miller. forever and always. if anyone is looking for the perfect, “my photographer is amazing” gift, one (or 2) of these chairs is just the ticket. 😉 kidding, of course. compliments and ego stroking are enough.
• speaking of ego stroking, this photo of reagan and ben (dog, baby) was my most liked photo on instagram AND facebook EVER. i still can’t believe it. well i can, i mean LOOK AT IT!
• after buying 3 more candles while in chicago, my husband brought to my attention that i might have a problem. i don’t have a problem i just like to be over-prepared because ohmygosh what if i run out?!
have a great week, everyone!

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