un-senior pictures

so anna is a senior this year. not sure how that happened, but it did. this summer she had some senior pictures taken by a local photographer who takes great pictures. however, great pictures to them read kind of boring and safe, to me. i selfishly offered (for my portfolio. i’ll take pics of you, too!!) to take some ‘un-senior’ pictures of little stink and i’m pretty happy with how they turned out. i feel they look a little more ‘anna.’ it kills me that we went to get hers taken and the photographer didn’t spend more than 30 seconds with her pre-shoot. he came in, looked at her outfits and went back into the studio. did he even know her name? how does that produce a personal picture? he didn’t take time to learn anything about her. that lack of personalization led to pictures that, though they were beautiful, were just sort of generic and ordinary. i think professional photogs who are in the pattern of doing senior picture after senior picture get stuck in a comfortable place that produces ‘ok enough’ pictures. in my opinion, spending 10 extra minutes with your subject (or 18 years, in this case) gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge of the little quirks that make up their personality, thus producing awesome, “that’s so <enter name here>.”

here are my favs.





when your family owns a farm and your uncle (or is wayne a cousin?) happens to be there with his equipment, you are obligated to take a tractor picture. see anna, i told you i made it artsy. also, i can’t think of a better way to have ended the shoot than pulling back into jasper and seeing a fully painted (in pure van vogh glory) vw van. match made in german/hippie heaven.

and the most “anna” picture came when i was testing the light.


xoxo, little stink.

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