i took the boys to the high school last night to watch anna’s rehearsal. when we got there they saw the big hill and conversation went as follows:

andrew: sis, can we roll down the hill?

me: um…you’ll have to shower when you get home.

ben: wha?!!?!????? (apparently rock stars have an aversion to soap and water. and i really need to get a video of him saying “wha???!?!!” sometime)

me: fine. will you let me take your picture, at least?

ben/andrew: deal

you’ll notice that, apparently, rock stars can’t figure out how to roll down a hill, as he could only get the lateral move down. i think ben’s glasses FOR SURE need to be bent back into shape after last night. sorry, dad.

IMG_5402IMG_5409IMG_5411IMG_5415yes, ben is kissing his bicep. you can’t not love that kid.

oh to be young again…..and to be a boy…..

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