The Reckers

You know how I’ve talked about past couples who are the kind of friends you need/want in your life? The, “call in the middle of the night with a flat tire” friends? Add Braylin and Miles to that list. In fact, put them at the top, because after fixing your tire, Miles can detail your car back to brand new. Aside from being so wonderful to work with, they are compassionate people who truly care about others. When this pandemic first started dropping bombs, Braylin reached out to me with such genuine love and care. Self-employed people, which she and Miles are as well, just understand in ways others can’t. It was a small gesture I will never forget.

Their day started, and sort of centered around Braylin’s family property that means so much to her. She shared a first look with her dad in the morning and we came back for all of our portraits. It was so fun and I love when I can incorporate something so personal into my couple’s day.

I wish you two absolutely all the best this life has.

Such a great team made this day happen:

  • Reception Venue: Ferdinand Community Center
  • Hair/Makeup: Beauty Bar, Jasper
  • Invitations: Zazzle
  • Bridal Gown: Marie Gabriel Couture
  • Tuxes: Siebert’s
  • Flowers: Ferdinand House of Flowers
  • DJ: Boogie Tunes
  • Videography: Brescher Filming
  • Second Shooter: Maria Uebelhor

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