The Meyers

Hazel walked into my office while I was processing this photos and said “wow, she’s really pretty.” Chloe sure is, but what really lit up the room on May 11 was Chloe and Braden TOGETHER. We didn’t have the best weather but you literally never would have known. And you should have seen Chloe’s face when I told her I had brought my clear bubble umbrellas. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have couples who roll with the proverbial punches. As a photographer I obviously can’t control the weather but I always just feel TERRIBLE when mother nature doesn’t cooperate for them.

Weather aside, these are some of my favorite wedding photos ever and I’m so excited to share them with you!

Many thanks to these wonderful people:

  • Ceremony/Reception: Klubhaus 61
  • Ceremony music: Lauren Popp, Rafaela Copetti Schaick
  • DJ: DJ Rerum
  • Flowers/Coordination: Keith Bauer
  • Hair/makeup: Andrea Schnaus
  • Bridal/Bridesmaids gowns, Guy’s suits: Beth Carter
  • Photography: Meghan Premuda, assisted by Trista Durcholz

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