super senior: grae


miss grae is my “super senior” (title i’m coining this year. isn’t it super?) for the 2011 photo season. if you’re a high school senior in the jasper area, contact grae (or me) to find out how you can help each other score some free stuff!
grae and i did a quick session, she’ll have a longer on this summer so be on the lookout for that, so that i can get some press cards printed up. it was SO windy that day and also quite chilly, despite the bright sun and blue skies. grae is obviously gorgeous, so she didn’t need a lot of help and was a trooper. though most of my shots showed her hair looking all windblown, i managed to squeak by with a decent handful of really beautiful images. i always find that you know you’ve hit photo gold when, despite how crappy the weather was, your photos end up looking like you had a perfect day handed to you.
thank you, grae, now let’s start racking up free prints!

IMG_4672f IMG_4757f

doesn’t she look like audrina, from the hills here?
i’m such a sucker for a great “laughing photo”. seriously. on my bucket list is to have one of me.
IMG_4783f IMG_4846f


IMG_4903f IMG_4740f

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  1. Andrea O'Brien says:

    Grae is a beautiful model – we know her and her dad. great way of showing off your talents!!